Owyhee River Fly Fishing

Owyhee Fly Fisher Specializes In Trophy Owyhee River Brown Trout

What Our Clients Have To Say ....

none of them measure up to the days I had fishing with Dan

August 9, 2016
“I have experienced many great days fishing some of the best waters in the west, however, none of them measure up to the days…

I highly recommend Dan as a guide for his expertise, patience and willingness to educate

June 4, 2016
“I am retired and planned a trip last year to Boise to visit a friend. I am a moderate ability fly fisherman but realized that…

Our fond memories will remain vivid for a lifetime!

May 12, 2016
“My father, son and I have just returned from a spectacular day on the Owyhee River with Dan. Catching several hard fighting big…

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife has estimated insect counts (please, don’t ask us how they do this) at 26,000 bugs per square meter on the Owyhee tailwater! Although this is great news for the river, it can be an enigma for fishermen, as anglers are continually putting their fly up against the real thing. The Owyhee is legendary for “masking” hatches, so it is seldom ‘easy’. Are those big browns taking the adult, the emerger, the cripple or are they even gorging on BWO’s at all? These questions – and many more – can frustrate fly fishermen new to this fishery.

Here’s where the experience of the OWYHEE FLY FISHER can save you precious time on the water. Dan Bofenkamp (Head Guide) has been fly fishing the Owyhee since 1985, making him a true veteran. He is passionate about the river, its fish, the native wildlife, area history and the entire eco-system. Dan is the perfect guide for getting the most out of your time on the Owyhee.

A day with Dan at the OWYHEE FLY FISHER can make the difference between a frustrating outing and having the time of your life. A guide is an investment in knowledge, and any time on the water with Dan is well worth the expenditure.